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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Orleans Tooth Whitening

A lifetime of eating and drinking staining foods such as coffee, tea, soda, blueberries and more can stain your teeth beyond what just brushing can correct. When your teeth have been stained or yellowed, sometimes professional tooth whitening is the best option.

Marie chose Dr. Moreau, New Orleans Cosmetic Dentist, to help her whiten and brighten her teeth. In just one hour, he was able to brighten her teeth by several shades. Now she smiles with confidence.

Teeth Whitening New Orleans
If you have been brushing your teeth with whitening tooth paste, or have tried at-home whitening options to no avail, consider professional tooth whitening. Dr. Moreau in New Orleans is a highly qualified cosmetic dentist who offers 1 hour whitening in his office. Please contact him today if you would like to know more about how tooth whitening can change your smile.


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