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Friday, August 21, 2009

Alberta Neuromusular Dentist Restores Teeth After Night Grinding

Alberta Neuromuscular Dentistry Patient
Dr. Pavlenko, Alberta neuromuscular dentist, has helped relieve the pain many patients have felt from grinding their teeth. Over time, this grinding can wear your teeth down, and start chipping away at the enamel. Without prompt dental oversight, this "minor" issue becomes a real health problem.

By using a combination of his advanced cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry training, Dr. Pavlenko was able to help this patient stop grinding and clenching, and restored her teeth to their former beauty.

Alberta Aesthetic Dentistry Before
Here, you can see the effects that her long-term grinding had on Marg's teeth. They had been worn down and were out of alignment.

Alberta Aesthetic Dentistry After
Here, you can see the beautiful smile that Dr. Pavlenko was able to create for Marg. Now, she can't stop smiling!

Dr. Pavlenko was gentle and kind during the procedure, helping to calm her nerves. He managed to restore her smile with the help of his neuromuscular expertise combined with his cosmetic dentistry knowledge. If you are looking for a trained dentist to help alleviate your pain and fix your broken smile, contact Alberta dentist Dr. Pavlenko today and schedule your consultation.